Indian Wedding Part II // Puja Ceremony

This is part 2 of a 4-part post on a wedding I shot in India last year. You can see the engagement photos from New Delhi in the first post, here.

The Puja ceremony happens a few days ahead of the actual wedding ceremony and while it’s a celebration for both the Bride and Groom’s families, they each have separate ceremonies to which the other is not invited. Seen here, the groom’s Puja took place in his home town, Hoshiarpur, a small city in Punjab in northern India. Puja’s are not necessarily related to weddings, they are a common practice in Hinduism as a show of faith and reverence to a God. For weddings though, it’s traditional to pay respect to the elephant God Ganesha for good luck in the marriage.  After a long day of rituals and prayers, it’s time to eat and then the party starts!


Pranama is a form of respectful salutation involving bending down to touch the feet of an elder or someone you deeply respect. It's very common in India. I'm running a sale on my india prints to benefit Nepali earthquake victims. Please visit my blog for details!