Indian Engagement Session in New Delhi // Aviral and Akanksha

So this is big. Last year I had the opportunity to photograph an Indian Wedding, the only thing was that it was in New Delhi. WHAT? Yeah. Obviously I jumped at the chance and I was off for a month to shoot a wedding and do some personal travel of my own.

In case you haven’t heard, Indian weddings are massive affairs – they commonly take place over a week or more, with dozens of traditions, ceremonies, and rituals. I took thousands and thousands of photos over the course of this wedding – for that reason I’ve chose to split this up into a few blog posts. More on the whole experience later, but first up- the engagement session. We hit some of the big tourist spots in New Delhi (Qutub Minar, India Gate, etc.) in traditional garb and found some really great light over the course of the day. I’ll leave you with that, enjoy!

Indian-Engagement-New-Delhi_001Indian-Engagement-New-Delhi_002Indian-Engagement-New-Delhi_003Indian-Engagement-New-Delhi_004Indian-Engagement-New-Delhi_005Indian-Engagement-New-Delhi_006Indian-Engagement-New-Delhi_007Indian-Engagement-New-Delhi_008Indian-Engagement-New-Delhi_009Indian-Engagement-New-Delhi_010Indian-Engagement-New-Delhi_011Indian-Engagement-New-Delhi_012Indian-Engagement-New-Delhi_013Indian-Engagement-New-Delhi_014Indian-Engagement-New-Delhi_015Indian-Engagement-New-Delhi_016Indian-Engagement-New-Delhi_017Indian-Engagement-New-Delhi_018Indian-Engagement-New-Delhi_019Indian-Engagement-New-Delhi_020Indian-Engagement-New-Delhi_021Indian-Engagement-New-Delhi_022Indian Wedding - New Delhi