Boulder Wedding In The Flood // A Story of Endurance

There’s so much to be said about this wedding I’m not sure where to start.  Whether it’s with Sarah and Steve’s ability to endure? Their amazing family and friends who rallied around them? Their amazing attitudes leading up to, during, and following what could have been, and actually was, a disaster wedding? or maybe just the fact that they got married in the middle of a 500 year flood?

Never mind that their original wedding site was underwater (along with their apartment!) – the dress, suit, and marriage license had all miraculously survived. Sarah and Steve took it as a sign and made the decision that their wedding would survive too. And boy am I glad.

Instead of talking too much more I’ll just leave you with photos and just say that these two are an amazing pair that dealt so well with impossible conditions that they deserve a lifetime of good karma. I really consider myself lucky to have been part of it all – it’s not often that stories like this happen.