Autumn and Josh had a really fantastic wedding. Period. From start to finish, all the details were well thought-out and worked perfectly together. The ceremony and reception were at the Westin – Downtown Denver, which is not only gorgeous but a close walk to some great photo locations as you can see below. Both Dana and Ashely at Revel & Bloom really kicked up the planning efforts and made my job easy, and Sweet Pea Flowers did a stunning job with the flowers. Of course I’ve got to thank my awesome assistant Steve Remich who really grabbed some amazing shots as well. But the real thanks goes to the couple, Josh and Autumn, who are incredibly lively and photogenic. These guys are the real deal in love, and they’re perfect for each other.


There’s so much to be said about this wedding I’m not sure where to start.  Whether it’s with Sarah and Steve’s ability to endure? Their amazing family and friends who rallied around them? Their amazing attitudes leading up to, during, and following what could have been, and actually was, a disaster wedding? or maybe just the fact that they got married in the middle of a 500 year flood?

Never mind that their original wedding site was underwater (along with their apartment!) – the dress, suit, and marriage license had all miraculously survived. Sarah and Steve took it as a sign and made the decision that their wedding would survive too. And boy am I glad.

Instead of talking too much more I’ll just leave you with photos and just say that these two are an amazing pair that dealt so well with impossible conditions that they deserve a lifetime of good karma. I really consider myself lucky to have been part of it all – it’s not often that stories like this happen.

As far as classic Denver wedding venues go, the Oxford Hotel is among the best, and Herb and Elizabeth’s wedding was no disappointment. These two are such a cool couple – high energy and high style with their sheik yellow and grey wedding colors, worldly belt buckles, and adorably obedient-ish dogs. These guys ran me through the ringer though, always on the move from one activity to the next, I actually had to drag them outside to get photos of just the two of them after the ceremony. We did a quick session out front of the hotel and Union Station and I let them back inside to party…can’t say I blame them. To say the least, everyone had a great time and I was honored to be part of their wedding. Cheers!


Oxford Hotel ShoesMother of the Bride

A few weeks back I got asked to head South to possibly my favorite part of Colorado to shoot some engagement photos for an awesome couple, who both happen to be chefs. They were trouble though and forced me to work in the cold, snowy weather, sneak into a condemned mine, and eat their delicious home cooked meals (actually I’m pretty sure all of those things were my idea). Anyway, it was a great time and I’m really looking forward to shooting their mountain wedding this summer. Thanks guys!

Bachelor LoopCreede KisstrespassingTrain engagementSanta Fe Railroad Kiss #36Santa Fe Railroad Engagement

Some really unfortunate events happened this week in Colorado – tons of cities are under water right now. I had a wedding scheduled in Boulder yesterday, which was one of the worst hit cities in the front range. I was worried the wedding wouldn’t happen at all, but luckily Steve and Sarah are champs and went through with it anyway – I’m really glad they did as they’re a wonderful couple.

Difficult conditions make for great photography, especially when you pair that with people who are willing to do crazy things to get the shot! More to come later but I had to get this one up right away. Cheers!

Boulder Flood Wedding // Yellow Umbrella Kiss in the Rain